Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth was formed by a landslide in 1952 after heavy rainfall which effectively created a dam. It is also home to one of Australia's most unusual animals, the platypus. To watch an interview with one of the people who discovered the new lake, check out our interview with John Hoult

From the carpark on Kaanglang Rd, you can walk to the lake, which is just over 1km one way, 2km return. It is quite steep. It can be walked in as little as 15 minutes at fast pace, but it would be more enjoyable to allow yourself 30-40 mins one way. 

Once you reach the lake, you can enjoy the views from the bench seat, or you can also continue around the Lake Circuit trail. The circuit makes a 4.5km walk in total. At a fast pace, it can be completed in about 45 mins but we recommend taking it slower and enjoying the sights. There is a spot called "the Beach" about a third of the way around which is a short detour off the track. This gives you a different view of the lake. At the opposite end of the lake, there is also a boardwalk section raised slightly above the wetlands.

If you complete the walk around sunrise or dusk, you might be lucky enough to spot a platypus. If you finish the walk on dusk, you can see glowworms alongside the track back. It's recommended to take a torch so you can still see the path when you're not looking at the glowworms!