Fern Gully Walk

Fern Gully Walk is a gentle but stunning walk on a well-maintained trail through - you guessed it -  a fern gully. 🙂

The gully walk itself is only about 600m and starts a little way down the road heading into the West Barwon Reservoir which is listed as Titch's Track on google maps. It is listed as a hiking trail on Trailforks which can be viewed here. If you want to walk it as a loop, we suggest downloading our detailed directions PDF which helps you navigate it as a loop from the Forrest Guesthouse. This loop walk is about 4.8km.

Look out for a sign "Fern Gully Walk" on the right, directing you to the start of the trail on the left. The sign is approximately near this location:

The walk meanders up and down, and along the side of a small creek which can be heard bubbling happily after some rain. The height of some of the gum trees and tree ferns is breathtaking, while the lush undergrowth is home to ferns, moss and fungi. Take some time to listen to the creek, or stay still and you will notice tiny birds flitting through the undergrowth.

The trail eventually spills out to join up with the Forrest Loop walk (trail 1) which will take you along the river and back into town.

Fern Gully Loop Fern Gully Loop Elevation Profile


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