Californian Redwoods Picnic Ground

Planted in 1939, the Californian Redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens) are a spectacular sight to behold.

The sheer height of the canopy above is breathtaking, and in the late afternoon on a sunny day, the light playing through trees is captivating.

The drive takes around one hour and is particularly windy. For those who get travel sick, we recommend taking some motion sickness medication before you leave.

The route takes you along Turton's Track, a road not very wide, and not suitable for caravans. It is speed limited to 40km due to the lack of sight around corners, combined with the skinny road. You will frequently need to slow to pass vehicles coming the other way. But the good news is - the scenery is stunning!

The end of the route is a dusty gravel road through a plantation till you arrive at the carpark. From there, it's time for a wander along the creek or through the trees.

We recommend combining it with a visit to Hopetoun Falls, Beauchamp Falls or Little Aire Falls.