Stevenson's Falls

Rain or shine, visiting Stevensons Falls is a great walk. In summer, enjoy the cool of the shade as you walk and watch a smaller flow over the falls. Take off your shoes and dip your feet in the river to cool off. In the cooler months, take a raincoat and witness the mighty falls run at full capacity. This set of falls is worth revisiting again and again throughout the seasons.

The falls are located about 20 mins drive from Forrest Guesthouse. Head towards the coast towards Skenes Creek, and when you reach Barramunga, turn right. Follow the signs to the Stevensons Falls Day Visitor carpark. The last part of the drive is on a dirt/gravel road which can have potholes so ensure you have a decent car up to the task.

The main walk itself is an easy 10-15 minutes on a wheelchair accessible path, and there is disability parking closer than the main car parks for those who require it. The walking distance is approximately 1km return. Stevensons Falls Wheelchair Access Disability Parking

From the main carpark, you will find a path walking you past a toilet block, then through some Redwoods. Once you reach the river, there is an beautiful picnic area to the right before you head across the river.

As you walk over to the other side, there are three paths. The one to the left takes you through a plantation on a combination of gravel and boardwalk through the trees before rejoining the main path. This option does have steps and is not wheelchair accessible although a chair could still go on the boardwalk to look at the trees and turn back. The centre path is the main trail, and the one to the right takes you on a shorter scenic detour past another section of river and under some striking trees.

On the main trail you will wind along the Gellibrand River on a raised boardwalk to a new viewing platform at river level that is accessible, while a set of steps further on leads you up to the raised viewing platform. Take some time to take in all the different paths the water can take down the fall, and let the mist cool you off.

The return walk retraces your steps back to the carpark.

If you want a longer walk, you can start from the campground carpark on the drive in and walk the extra section to the day visitor car park. This lengthens the walk to 4.5km return and usually takes 1.5 hours.