Sabine Falls

A 20 min drive from the Forrest Guesthouse will have you at the Sabine Falls picnic ground. From there, it’s a 6km return walk. At a fairly fast pace for a fit person, it can be completed in about 1:15 but if you're likely to be tentative going down slippery steps, or need to catch your breath climbing back up, allow more time.

It starts out deceptively gentle... a wide path gradually descends and the most you need to worry about is slippery, wet bark.

Soon you’re descending down a steep, windy path full of steps. These steps get steeper and it's worth noting there is no handrail. You may find it useful to bring hiking poles to brace yourself if it's wet. There's a couple of creek crossings which involve stepping across wet, mossy rocks.

In Winter, a fair amount of slippery mud exists along the trail, and when we took these shots, a few fallen trees which were easily stepped over. The sound of falls teases you on the walk a long time before you catch your first glimpse just before the main viewing platform.

A gorgeous, tall, set of falls awaits you! They are approximately 120m high and you view them from a few hundred metres away. You can see three sections of the falls from the platform, with the top section being the most impressive. You get the sense that the cascades probably continue further down the valley out of sight.

What goes down must come back up! A long steep climb back up the same path you came down is your route back to the car.