Little Aire Falls

Little Aire Falls is a 6km return walk which leaves from the same carpark as Triplet Falls. This is a fairly challenging walk due to the many steps (approx 360) as well as a lot of steeper sections.

The trail leaves from the carpark and begins out as the same path for both sets of falls, however only a few minutes into the walk, you will come across a junction. Follow the signs for Little Aire Falls.

There are many very tall Mountain Ash throughout the walk, and you cross streams using bridges at several points.

The track is well maintained and clear, although there may be patches of mud after significant rain. There are no handrails on the many steps, so if you prefer to hold onto something, bring some walking poles. At one point there is a walking track that crossed diagonally, however stay on the main path and keep going straight ahead.

Eventually you will reach a suspended viewing platform with a see-through grate base. I mention this because those who suffer from a fear of heights or vertigo might find the height of the suspended platform a challenge.

The track does not take you to the base of the falls (no access), you can only view it from the platform which is a some distance away. However, after rain, this set of falls is impressive  - like a giant rock water slide. Width and amount of water falling will depend on the season and recent rains.

At an average pace of 15mins per kilometre walked, this walk will take approximately 1:30 walking time for a fit person used to walking steep hills regualrly. However this time may vary greatly depending on the fitness and endurance of the walker, whether or not you have children with you etc. You might need to allow up to 3 hours walk time plus time spent at the platform depending on your situation.

Other walks and waterfalls in the area include: Triplet FallsHopetoun FallsBeauchamp Falls, Californian Redwoods.

Please note: There is little to no phone reception on the walk, even with Telstra.