Phantom Falls

Phantom Falls is located inland from Lorne, and it takes approximately 45 mins to drive there from Forrest Guesthouse. The drive is a combination of sealed and unsealed roads.

Walking with kids? Please note the "moving time" shown in the gallery photos was a single person who has a strong level of fitness. I completed this with my 5yo and 9yo kids and we were out for over 4 hours (including play time at the canyon and falls. Lots of food and lollies were needed to help little legs keep going!

You start the walk from the Allenvale Road Carpark, the path starts once you cross over Allenvale rd from the carpark to the other side. The walk is signed as 2.5km one way to Phantom Falls. You then cross a bridge over the St George River and commence following the signs. The path initially goes through private property, past a small orchard, past houses etc. Please respect the owners and stick strictly to the path and arrows.

The path then turns into a wider fire trail and begins to climb, gently at first. However there is a ridiculously steep section. It is not very long, maybe only 200-300 metres in length but it will make the fittest people break out into a sweat and start puffing temporarily. Once you crest that beast, it isn't much further to go.

Right near the falls, you will be directed down a rather narrow and steep set of steps with a handrail. It makes a couple of tight turns and takes you right down to the base of the falls. From here you can clamber over the rocks to get photos from various angles, although on the day I went, the river was in full flow after heavy rain and this turned out to be too difficult. The amount of water falling in my photo is not typical but the falls is a reliable one that has some level of flow all year round.

From the falls, you can continue the walk uphill to The Canyon for a look and then return the way you came, or you can plan a much longer loop and take in some other nearby falls such as Henderson or Won Wondah.