Henderson Falls

Henderson Falls is a 4.3km return walk from the Sheoak Picnic area. It is relatively flat and only gains about 100m in elevation across the whole walk.

Henderson Falls with average flow

If you're a fast walker you can complete this return trip in about 1 hour, however if you are taking kids with you or are a slower walker, allow up to 2 hours. These times don't include time spent at the falls.

It's worth noting you can take a brief detour to take in Won Wondah Falls. These are viewed from above and can be disappointing if the weather has been dry, but worth stopping by since it's such a brief detour. We wouldn't recommend them as a standalone destination but can be a nice detour as part of Henderson Falls.

The walk starts with a gentle uphill section out of the picnic area, crossing the road you would have driven in on, and then off to the falls. As you near the falls, the track can be very muddy if there has been significant recent rain. White sneakers are not recommended but is something we've seen quite a bit on unprepared tourists! We found hiking poles useful so we could walk straight through the mud, rather than trampling a new path around the mud. This protects the surrounding bush from further destruction.

Henderson Falls is one where you can get right up close to the falls. If the water flow is lower, you can navigate to side views but these can be difficult/impossible to reach if the flow is high. These falls can look very different depending on rainfall.

These falls can be looped together with other nearby attractions for longer hikes such as Castle Rock, The Canyon, Lower Kalimna and Upper Kalimna Falls, Sheoak Falls etc. which can all be accessed from the Sheoak Picnic Area.