Cora Lynn Cascades

The Cora Lynn Cascades are found in the top section of the Cora Lynn Cascades walk. If you just want to see the cascades, they are 2.1km one way from the Blanket Leaf Picnic Area and will take 1.5-2 hours return. It is downhill to the cascades, and all uphill on the return. Throw in some mud and it can be quite strenuous.

Should you want the full experience, you can walk from the Blanket Leaf Picnic Area to either the Allenvale Mill Site Picnic Area, or all the way to the mouth of the St George River below Teddy's lookout just outside Lorne. These options follow the river down below the cascades. There is a trail, however there is also a lot of rock hopping, creek crossings, climbing over and under fallen branches and trees as well as using "steps" cut into logs to descend. You will find several other small cascades on your journey, plus you will come across Phantom Falls as you near closer to Allenvale Mill Site.

These longer options require either a car shuffle with a hiking buddy or someone to drop you off at one spot and pick you up at the other end. The total from Blanket Leaf to Allenvale is approximately 8km. To walk from Blanket Leaf to St George's river mouth is 12.5km in total. These options are almost entirely downhill - it's unrelenting on your legs. Not for the faint hearted - but the rewards are great!

It is possible to use gravel roads to get there and save an extra ten minutes. To do this, take Delaneys Road from Barwon Downs, then Benwerrin - Mt Sabine Rd, then Erskine Falls Road. Blanket Leaf Picnic Area is on Erskine Falls Road.