Trees Adventure Yeodene

The Trees Adventure in Yeodene is a fabulous place to have fun, challenge yourself and get a workout at the same time!

Trees Adventure Yeodene Park Training

Upon arrival you sign a waiver, select yourself some gloves and one of the staff will fit you with a helmet and harness. The staff will take you through some training to show you how your harness and lockers (the locks that keep you attached to the high ropes course at all times) work. After some practice on a mini course, it's time to head to the course.

Trees Adventure YeodeneIt's a few minutes walk through some bush before you start to catch sight of the course... it looks like every kid's dream tree house on steroids. All courses start from the "Home Tree" and there's plenty to choose from. The courses are graded similar to ski/mtb trails; greens are easy, blues are a bit harder, red courses are fairly challenging and black is very difficult! The harder the course, the higher off the ground it is. There are also yellow courses for very little tackers which use a different harness system than the others.

We warmed up on a blue trail - fun but not hard. We decided to follow it up with a red course. The red course we chose had a fairly long cargo net - I've done these before at the Trees Adventure in Belgrave so I knew they were hard - it was still hard and I was huffing and puffing by the time I made it to the other side. The obstacles go from tree to tree, with platforms built around the tree trunks - you become very grateful to reach a platform and be able to rest. There are also plenty of zip lines which break up the hard work with some fun flying runs. Trees Adventure Yeodene

The red course we picked ended with a jump off a platform approximately 15 metres off the ground. You are attached to a mechanism that allows a short free fall, then slowly applies a brake to lower you to the ground. My advice is just clip on and jump off, the longer you hesitate, the harder it is to convince yourself to jump.

Trees Adventure Yeodene

The black courses are significantly harder than the red. There are more obstacles, and the obstacles themselves are more challenging. Lots of components that swivel, move and sway constantly means your abs, as well as legs and arms, get a good workout. The black course also ends with the platform jump, this time at 20 metres above ground. Time to get your heart pumping!

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