Dewings Bridge Rd Loop

This loop heads north of Forrest to Barwon Downs and beyond. This loop takes you out into green rolling hills and is a great loop for those seeking less vert. There is one short section on bitumen between the end of the Tiger Rail Trail and Barwon Downs so be mindful of cars on this section.


The route is 26km long and has 320 vert metres.

Course Terrain

Gentle hills and well maintained gravel roads are the staple of this course.

Course Route

Leaving from the Forrest Guesthouse:

  • Head north onto the Tiger Rail Trail. Ride this to the end where it intersects with sealed road and turn right.
  • Follow the sealed Birregurra - Forrest road into Barwon Downs.
  • Instead of following the seal around through Barwon Downs, head straight onto Callahans Lane.
  • When you reach a T intersection, turn left onto Callahans Road. Follow this.
  • Turn left onto Dewings Bridge Rd.
  • Turn left onto Seven Bridges Rd.
  • Turn right onto Cemetary Rd.
  • Turn left onto Boundary Rd.
  • Continue down Boundary Rd until you hit the Birregurra - Forrest Rd. Cross over the road and follow the short singletrack till you hit the Tiger Rail Trail again.
  • Turn left and follow it back to town.


There can be swooping magpies in October.

Dewings Bridge Elevation