Gravel Grind Forrest & The Otways

Forrest and the surrounding Otway Ranges are the perfect gravel grind destination. Quiet gravel roads winding up and down the peaks, lush temperate rainforest, and rolling green hills mean your ride is always insta-worthy. Choose a route that suits you, minimal vert and easy navigation, or get ready to climb and take the road less travelled. Always take more food and water than you think you need, tools and spares, a back up charger for your phone and always let someone know where you're heading. Mobile reception can be limited in some of the hills and gullies nearby.

We will be adding more rides to this page regularly so check back. You can also follow the Otway Gravel Grinders facebook page for social rides or more route suggestions. 

Kaanglang Thompsons Loop Forrest Gravel Grind Otways

Thompsons Loop

By Michelle Davidson | November 21, 2020

Thompsons Loop The route is 31km long and has 830 vert metres. At an average speed of 13.5kmph, it will take approximately 2:18 hours. This loop track will take you right up into the Otway ranges, through the tall gum forests, overlooking steep mountain valleys. The first 13km is a steady climb up onto the … Read more

The EC Loop

By Michelle Davidson | October 31, 2020

The EC Loop – Sunnyside/Kaanglang I’ve named the EC Loop after the local legend who rides this loop regularly for training. She can smash this out in under 2 hours… as of Sep 2020, my best time is 2:20 so still a way to go to catch her! Stats The course has 870 vert metres … Read more

Pipeline Track Loop

By Michelle Davidson | October 10, 2020

Pipeline Track Loop, Kawarren The Pipeline Track loop is an easy introduction into gravel grinds in the Otways. Just shy of 25km, 646 elevation, this loop will take about 1.5 hr at an average speed of 17kmph. Most of the climbing is at the start on Roadknight Creek rd. You start with a few kilometres … Read more

Route NameDistanceVert MetresLoop/Point to Point
Thompsons Loop31830Loop
Pipeline Track25646Loop
EC Loop39870Loop

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