Straw Falls

Straw Falls is a kind of "bonus" waterfall if you are visiting Erskine Falls. I say bonus because you probably wouldn't ever go there as its own destination given the proximity to Erskine Falls, which is a much grander set of falls. The amount of water coming over Straw Falls can also vary greatly depending on recent rainfall which presents the catch 22 of Straw Falls - to see it flowing well it needs to have rained a bit, which means the river will be harder to cross.

Straw Falls which can be accessed with an additional walk from the base of Erskine Falls. Head downstream about 30m and you will see a sign recommending that the next section is for experienced walkers only. This is due to the creek crossing and the fact that from this point, it is possible to the follow the Erskine River Trail all the way down to Lorne which includes many river crossings. However to get to Straw Falls, it's really only the one crossing that you need to tackle. Please only attempt a crossing if safe to do so, taking into account your own experience, mobility and skill.

On the other side of the river you will spot a marker and a worn path. Carefully choose your path across the rocks if you want to keep your feet dry but this is not always possible. Poles may assist you here. Once you cross to the other side, you will follow a well worn small track that will take you to Straw Falls.