Itinerary – Beech Forest Day Trip

Beauchamp Falls

Beech Forest is a region located just an under an hour from the Forrest township. We suggest a day trip which combines a visit to Beauchamp Falls in the morning, a picnic at the Californian Redwoods, followed by Hopetoun Falls in the afternoon.

Each waterfall would take approximately 1 hour return for a person of good fitness. Both descend down fairly steep paths with an uphill return via the same route. The Californian Redwoods does have an informal trail that follows the creek but is also just a beautiful place to sit and eat.

The benefit to leaving Hopetoun Falls till last is that if you are tired, you can still actually view the falls from above from just near the carpark. However, if you've still got energy, you can walk down to the base for the best view - it does require walking down and up 200 steps though!